Annette Gillespie

Family Violence Prevention

Empathetic. Knowledgeable. Dedicated.

Annette Gillespie, based in Melbourne, Australia, is a business development consultant, former CEO, and an expert in family violence prevention with over 25 years of experience. For over six years, Annette led Australia’s largest 24/7 state-wide Family Violence crisis intervention service. The organisation responded to over 105,000 callers from 2017 to 2018 alone, providing assistance, safe accommodation, and support services to more than 7000 women, children and young people.

Understanding the cataclysmic damage family violence causes—how it can corrode the very fabric of communities, Annette Gillespie has dedicated her career to reducing the number of cases related to family violence, as well as educating others to its damaging nature and its warning signs. 

After years of working in family violence prevention, Annette Gillespie has become a leader in the space. She was a member of the Victoria delegation to be invited to the COAG Family Violence Forum, has provided evidence as an expert witness at the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence, and was invited to give an address to a special sitting of the Victorian Parliament’s Legislative Assembly to prevent issues pertaining to gender inequality and the epidemic nature family and domestic violence. 

Throughout her career, Annette has built and fostered relationships that allowed her to maintain connections to influential bi-partisan members of the local, state, and federal government, including ministers and senior officials. Such links have bolstered the reach and impact of the organisations she’s worked with—therefore improving the care and support they can offer those in need. For example, one organisation was funded in the state budget, resulting in their logo and information being featured in all state government television and print media campaigns. 

Annette Gillespie loves to help others and to see them thrive, a passion that has influenced every aspect of her career. Working in family violence prevention, she was able to help those who had been hurt rebuild their lives after being connected to those who could help. Her desire to help others also makes her passionate about matters pertaining to leadership and professional development. 

Recently, Annette started a business development consulting firm. As someone who has worked in every area of business—as a practitioner, general manager, CEO, etc.—she understands all the different aspects of a company. Working in the strategic sectors of business, she is able to understand the goals a business is trying to achieve very quickly, and therefore the systems and strategies that will help them get there. 

In her free time, Annette Gillespie can be found spending as much time with her family as possible. She and her husband of 30 years are the proud parents of two good men, one of whom just made Annette a grandmother! In addition to spending time with family, Annette loves the kind nature of horses and enjoys being around the gentle creatures. She is also an avid reader and walker who prioritises exercising both her mind and body. 

To learn more about Annette and her insight into family violence prevention, be sure to read her blog.