Domestic violence is one of the most insidious social ills of modern times. It affects all groups of people, regardless of their race, gender, age, religion or social class. In Australia, it’s a problem that everyone knows about, but there’s little discussion around it.

Luckily, several great nonprofits are working hard to help the victims of domestic violence. They aid people who need help in rebuilding their lives in a healthy, safe environment. One of the aims of all of these charities is to restore dignity to their clients’ lives. Treating them with respect helps them to regain their sense of self and their natural confidence.

Often, people leaving violent homes aren’t able to bring anything with them. They may need clothing and shoes that are appropriate for the workplace. They may not have any bedding, personal grooming products or important documents with them. And all of them will eventually need to transition back to permanent housing.

One striking thing about the people helped by these organizations is how diverse they are. While many victims of domestic violence are women who are battered by men, that’s not always the case. Men and children can also be abused. Sadly, domestic violence is a feature of many gay and lesbian households. It’s not just a cis-gendered, heterosexual problem.

In addition to providing emergency services, some charities advocate for greater equality in public life. For example, RizeUp Australia seeks to promote women and help them to use their voices. When someone has been abused for years, it’s hard for them to function optimally anywhere. They may have trouble at home, at work, and in public life. Empowering women in this way can inspire them to start advocating for themselves in all of these areas.

Domestic violence charities in Australia do vital work. They give people short-term, practical aid. And many of these agencies also advocate publicly to raise awareness. If more people can recognize the signs of domestic violence, more will be able to help in constructive ways.

Domestic violence organizations like RizeUp and Friends With Dignity always need help from volunteers. They provide their volunteers with special training so that they can be useful in helping develop solutions for this shockingly common problem.