Different people respond in different ways to trauma. While therapy helps and can be useful for everyone, sometimes exercises and meditation can open up old wounds that could make the experience very emotionally painful. If you have experienced trauma, there are ways to help improve your mental health without causing you too much stress.

One way to visit trauma in a healthy way is revisiting the site WHERE the trauma occurred. While it may take a while to go back to a place that caused you pain, it can be a cathartic experience. While there are levels and steps you can take with your therapist, you can eventually get to that point with a little patience and self-care.

Another way therapists help their patients heal from trauma is by practising the healing of the home method. Patients that have experienced trauma in their own home can even set aside rooms or corners as safe spaces. Think about it this way, violence in the home could make you think of your home as a place of pain. Reclaiming that space is so beneficial in moving forward.

We have all seen those little dishes full of sand in our therapist’s office one time or another. They may seem silly to you, but they actually work for those that have experienced trauma. Drawing and projecting your pain in the sand could help you symbolically erase the pain.

Laughter feels good, but it can also be a great way to process trauma. So it should come to no surprise that therapists do encourage laughter in order to help those that have experienced trauma to move forward in a healthy way. But many stand-up comedians have been fairly open with their struggles with depression. These comedians have found ways to translate their pain into ways that promote laughter and understanding the world. Obviously, stand-up comedy won’t be right for everyone, but learning to joke about an experience in just small ways can help diminish its power over you,

You can also place a family symbol in your home to help serve as a reminder that things can change for the better. This family symbol can also be the element of support that you are not in this alone and your family will always be there. This is true even if you have chosen a family of close friends.