When a person goes through trauma, they may not feel too willing to talk about it. It can close them off to the world and try to protect themselves, but could that be counter-productive? Talking about trauma is so tricky because it could be triggering the emotions and the body. Many times, the emotion of shame is what comes up during these cases, and this can make it difficult to talk about. Not only that, but not everyone is the ideal person to talk to about it because they might judge the person for it to make it worse. For that reason, it is best to speak with a therapist.

Making Sense of What Happened

Processing a trauma can happen when someone speaks with others about it. They may initially find themselves unable to make sense of the trauma, or they might have a mess of emotions, questions and reactions that have made it problematic. When talking with a therapist, one might write down their thoughts in a journal to express them more easily. In some cases, this is a more powerful way that someone might harness their voice for good.

Make Meaning Out of It

Viktor Frankl was a prisoner in the concentration camps of the Nazis, and one of the ways that helped him to survive it came from making meaning out of it. Trauma often makes a person look inside themselves to try to identify how to overcome it. What strength can they pull from that will help them to overcome it? Viktor Frankl calls this logotherapy. He said that life is never made unbearable by a lack of circumstances but by a lack of meaning and purpose. When we find our purpose, this can help people to get through some of the more difficult things in their lives. Speaking to others should be done in a way where they try to make meaning out of the trauma to overcome it.

Talking about the trauma can help a person to overcome it, which is why it is essential to talk about it. However, a person has to know how to do it in the right way. Meanwhile, it would also be best if they were to talk about it with a professional, such as a therapist.